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Mission Statement

To create beautiful, distinctive outfits for women discovering their own unique self.

DaisyDen Boutique Story


I have two passions in life- Travel and fashion.  Some of my fondest memories growing up were taking shopping trips with my mom and sister.  We lived in a small rural town in Wyoming so whether we were making a day trip to surrounding cities, or staying overnight in a hotel we loved saving our money, planning our shopping excursions and dreaming about all the latest fashion trends we were going to find.


I really loved the process of sharing opinions, laying out pieces from all the different places we shopped, then coming up with beautiful, unique outfits.  There is nothing like the feeling you get when someone compliments you on an amazing outfit you designed yourself! 


After earning a degree in Travel and Tourism, I became a travel agent and later a cruise sales specialist. I love traveling and exploring new places with my family and friends. So, helping others plan and work towards their own dream vacation was such a rewarding feeling for me. 


The COVID-19 world pandemic changed all of our lives. The cruise industry especially was hit hard and my career came to a halt. The constant worry about money forced me to think about making changes. The thought of changing careers scared me, but through a lot of self-reflecting and some positive podcasts and audio books, I discovered in order for me to be truly happy, I needed to do the things I love to do. This is how DaisyDen Boutique was born.


Just like helping my travel customers create a dream vacation, I love helping women create a dream outfit that expresses their confidence.  I hope to help you have a comfortable, intimate shopping experience by offering rare pieces of high-quality clothing and jewelry that will provide lasting value.  


At DaisyDen Boutique you’ll see handmade jewelry from North America, and trendy styles including boho, rock, and western mixed with a little bit of retro.  I hope you will love these beautiful styles.

Let's Enjoy This Journey Together!

RoxAnne Taylor
DaiseyDen Boutique Owner and Fashion Guide

*Thank you to my three amazing children and loving, supportive husband. You are my strength and my motivation.

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